Collection: Back Fat Bra

Say hello to sleek silhouettes and goodbye to bothersome bulges! Our back fat bra collection promise not just a flawless fit but a confidence boost that'll have you walking taller. From ultra-comfy everyday heroes to elegant occasion pieces, we've curated bras that blend seamlessly under any outfit.

Welcome to Lobelia's exclusive Back Fat Bra collection!

Lobelia understands the quest for the perfect bra can often feel daunting, but our collection aims to simplify your search by addressing one of the most common concerns: back fat.

Our bras are crafted to offer unparalleled support while smoothing out the back area, ensuring a seamless silhouette under any garment. Each piece in our collection has been designed with wider bands and innovative smoothing technology, promising not only to enhance your figure but also to provide the utmost comfort throughout the day.

Whether you're looking for a bra that complements your everyday wear or something more suited for special occasions, Lobelia has got you covered.

Our range includes a variety of styles, from full-coverage to longline, all available in an assortment of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every body type. Moreover, we take pride in using only the finest materials that are gentle on the skin, ensuring your comfort is never compromised.

We invite you to explore our collection and experience the difference a well-fitted bra can make to your confidence and wardrobe. Visit us today and discover your new favourite bra that feels as good as it looks!

Back Fat Bra

The Back Fat Bra is a game-changer in the world of lingerie. This specialized bra comes with features like wider bands and smoothing technology, ensuring a sleek and comfortable fit that enhances the silhouette.

Its popularity stems from its ability to provide both support and a flattering look under clothes, making it a go-to choice for those seeking confidence in their appearance.

People love styling these bras under tight-fitting tops and dresses, as they create a smooth backdrop, allowing the outfit to shine without any distractions. The appeal of the Back Fat Bra lies in its blend of functionality and aesthetics.

It's not just about hiding what you wish to conceal; it's about celebrating your body with comfort and style. Shopping back fat bras from Lobelia is an experience in discovering the perfect blend of comfort and confidence, with a variety of styles to suit any outfit or occasion.

Why Choose Back Fat Bra?

Back Fat Bras are engineered with unique features to address specific concerns, setting them apart from regular bras. These features include wider bands, smoothing technology, and seamless design, each contributing to their overall benefits.

Wider Bands

Feature: These bras come with wider bands around the back.

Benefit: The wider bands provide a larger smoothing area, reducing the appearance of bulges. This results in an improved silhouette under clothes, ensuring a sleek and uniform look.

Smoothing Technology

Feature: Advanced fabrics and construction techniques are used for a smooth finish.

Benefit: This technology helps in evenly distributing skin and fat, preventing any unwanted bulges. The result is enhanced comfort and a more flattering appearance, boosting wearers' confidence.

Seamless Design

Feature: Many back-fat bras are designed without seams or with very fine seams.

Benefit: A seamless design ensures that the bra remains invisible under even the tightest clothing, offering a clean and polished look. It also reduces irritation, providing a comfortable fit throughout the day.

Adjustable Straps

Feature: Adjustable straps allow for a customized fit.

Benefit: By adjusting the straps to the perfect length, wearers can achieve optimal support and lift, further improving the bra's smoothing effect and enhancing the body's natural shape.

Breathable Materials

Feature: These bras are often made with breathable fabrics.

Benefit: Breathable materials keep the skin cool and comfortable, making the bra ideal for all-day wear. This feature is particularly beneficial in warmer climates or during physical activity.

Front Closure

Feature: Some back fat bras feature front closures for ease of wear.

Benefit: Front closures make the bra easier to put on and take off. They also contribute to a smoother back, as there's no hook-and-eye mechanism creating bulk under clothes.

Positive Customer Feedback

The positive feedback from satisfied customers underscores the impact of Back Fat Bras. These testimonials serve as powerful endorsements, resonating with potential buyers through shared experiences.

One says, "After trying this bra, I can't go back to regular ones. It's a game-changer." Another echoes this sentiment, stating, "Finally, a bra that understands my needs. It's perfect under every top."

The rave reviews and testimonials from happy customers highlight the transformative experience of wearing a bra that not only looks good but also feels great.

Different Types of Back Fat Bras in Our Collection

Back Fat Bras come in a variety of styles to cater to different preferences, outfits, and support needs. Each type is designed with the primary goal of smoothing the back area while providing comfort and enhancing the silhouette. We offer the types as follows.

Full-Coverage Bras

Full-coverage back fat bras offer maximum support and a smooth finish across the entire back. 

They typically have wide bands and sides that help to evenly distribute tissue, minimizing the appearance of back fat. Ideal for everyday wear, they provide a seamless look under clothes.

Longline Bras

Longline bras extend down towards the waist or hips, offering an extended area of smoothing and support.

This design not only targets back fat but also provides extra support to the abdomen, creating a streamlined silhouette. They're perfect for wearing under form-fitting dresses or tops.

Minimizer Bras

Minimizer bras are designed for those with larger busts who wish to reduce the projection of their chest. While doing so, these bras also smooth out the back area, thanks to their wider bands and side panels. They're a great option for achieving a proportional look under tailored clothing.

Front-Closure Bras

Front-closure bras often have a smoother back design because there's no clasp at the back. This feature makes them an excellent choice for eliminating bulges and providing a clean, smooth line under tighter-fitting tops.

Wireless Bras

Wireless back fat bras prioritize comfort without sacrificing support. They use specially designed fabrics and construction to smooth out the back without the need for underwires. These bras are ideal for those seeking a more natural shape and comfortable fit.

Sports Bras

Sports back fat bras are designed for physical activity but are also worn for their smoothing and supportive features.

They often have wide, elastic bands and racerback designs that help in distributing weight evenly and smoothing out the back area.

Back Fat Bra Sizing Guide

To ensure the best fit, accurate measurements are crucial.

Band Size

  • Wrap a measuring tape around your ribcage, directly under your bust. The tape should be snug but not tight.
  • Round the measurement to the nearest whole number. If it's an odd number, round up to the next even number to find your band size.

Bust Size

  • Measure around the fullest part of your bust, keeping the tape level and without tightening it, allowing for the most accurate reading.
  • Note this measurement as well.

Calculate Bra Size

  • The difference between your bust measurement and your band size determines your cup size. Each inch represents one cup size up from A.

Material Suggestions for Back Fat Bra

Here's a guide to material suggestions for back fat bras, focusing on comfort, support, and smoothing abilities.


Microfiber is a lightweight, breathable fabric known for its softness and durability.

It's an excellent choice for back fat bras because it provides a smooth, seamless look under clothing. The fine fibres offer a comfortable feel against the skin, making it ideal for everyday wear.


Spandex, also known as elastane, is valued for its exceptional elasticity. When incorporated into back fat bras, it ensures the bra stretches to fit snugly while providing the necessary support. This flexibility is key to effectively smoothing out back fat without causing discomfort or restriction.


Nylon is a strong, synthetic fabric that holds its shape well. It's often used in the construction of back fat bras for its smoothing properties and durability. Nylon bras are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring they maintain their supportive and smoothing functions over time.

Cotton Blend

For those with sensitive skin or who prefer natural fibres, a cotton blend can be a comfortable choice.

Cotton provides breathability, which is essential for preventing irritation and keeping the skin cool. When blended with synthetic fibres like spandex, it offers a good balance of comfort and elasticity, necessary for a back fat bra.

Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fabric is a newer, eco-friendly option that's gaining popularity for its softness, antibacterial properties, and moisture-wicking capabilities.

It's an excellent choice for those looking for a back fat bra that's gentle on the skin, environmentally sustainable, and effective in keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.

Lace with Lining

For a more aesthetic option without compromising on functionality, lace bras with a smooth lining offer the perfect blend.

The lace adds a touch of elegance, while the lining ensures comfort and provides a smooth silhouette. Ensure the lace is stretchy or combined with elastic fibres to maintain the bra's smoothing effect.

Selecting Styles for Different Needs

Choosing the right style for your needs and outfits ensures both comfort and a seamless look.

Everyday Comfort: Opt for seamless, full-coverage bras with wider bands. These bras provide a smooth backdrop for t-shirts and snug tops, ensuring no lines or bulges show.

Special Occasions: For tighter dresses or formal wear, consider a longline bra or one with specific smoothing features. These bras offer extended smoothing and support, perfect for creating a sleek profile under sophisticated outfits.

Active Days: A sports-back fat bra is ideal for physical activities. Look for options with good support, wide bands, and breathable materials to keep you comfortable and smooth during workouts.

Lounging and Casual Wear: Wireless bras with wide, smoothing bands are great for days when comfort is your top priority. They provide necessary support without the constriction of wires.

Tips to Care for Your Back Fat Bra

Caring for your back fat bra properly extends its life, maintains its shape, and ensures it continues to provide the support and smoothing effect you need. Here are some essential care instructions:

Hand Wash Preferred: Hand washing is the gentlest way to clean your bras, preserving the fabric's elasticity and the bra's overall shape. Use cold water and a mild detergent, gently work the soap through the bra, and rinse thoroughly. Avoid wringing or twisting, as this can damage the fibres and elasticity.

Machine Wash Instructions: If you must use a washing machine, place your bra in a mesh lingerie bag to protect it. Select a delicate cycle with cold water and use a mild detergent. Fasten the hooks to prevent them from catching on other items or the bag itself.

Avoid Bleach and Fabric Softeners: Bleach can break down the fibres of your bra, reducing its lifespan and support. Fabric softeners can coat the elastic, diminishing its elasticity over time. Stick to gentle detergents specifically designed for delicate items.

Dry Properly: Never wring out your bra; instead, press out the excess water gently. Lay the bra flat on a towel to air dry. Avoid hanging by the straps, as this can stretch them out.

Also, do not use a tumble dryer, as the heat can damage the elastic and fabric.

Rotate Use: Rotating between several bras allows the elastic to recover and the fabric to air out between wears. This practice not only extends the life of each bra but also maintains its shape and support effectiveness.

Store Correctly: Store your bras by stacking them in a drawer with the cups nested within each other. Avoid folding one cup into the other, especially if the bra has moulded cups, as this can deform the shape over time.

Spot Clean When Necessary: For minor soiling or to extend the time between washes, spot cleaning with a small amount of detergent and water can be effective. Rinse the area well and allow it to air dry.


Is it normal to have back fat when wearing a bra?

Yes, it's normal to have back fat when wearing a bra. Many people experience this regardless of their size or shape. It often happens because the bra band is too tight, pushing skin and fat in a way that it bulges.

Choosing a correctly fitting bra or a bra designed to minimize back fat can help smooth the area and improve comfort and appearance.

Can a tight bra cause small breasts?

No, wearing a tight bra cannot cause small breasts. Breast size is primarily determined by genetics, hormonal levels, and overall body fat composition.

A tight bra might cause discomfort, restrict movement, or lead to skin irritation, but it does not affect the size of your breasts. It's important to wear a bra that fits correctly to ensure comfort, and support, and to avoid potential health issues.

Which material bra is good for the skin?

Cotton bras are good for the skin, especially for those with sensitive skin. Cotton is soft, breathable, and gentler on the skin, reducing the risk of irritation or allergies, unlike synthetic materials.

It helps in keeping the skin cool and comfortable by allowing air circulation and absorbing moisture. For daily wear, choosing a bra made from a high percentage of cotton can ensure comfort and minimize skin issues.