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In our carefully curated range, you’ll discover the ultimate blend of comfort, style, and sustainability. Every piece in our collection is crafted from high-quality bamboo fabric, renowned for its softness, breathability, and natural antibacterial properties.

This ensures that our bras not only feel luxurious against your skin but also keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.

Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, we’ve designed a variety of styles to suit every occasion, from supportive sports bras perfect for your active days to elegant everyday options that offer seamless comfort under any outfit.

For new mothers, our maternity and nursing bras provide the convenience and gentle support you need during this special time.

As you explore our collection, you’ll notice that each bra is designed with your well-being in mind, featuring hypoallergenic properties and excellent moisture-wicking abilities, making them perfect for any weather, especially the unpredictability of British climates.

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Bamboo Bra

Bamboo bras are becoming increasingly popular for their unique blend of comfort, sustainability, and style.

Made from bamboo fabric, these bras offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. The fabric's natural properties, such as being breathable, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic, make bamboo bras a comfortable choice for everyday wear.

Women with sensitive skin get immense favour from the bamboo bra due to its soft texture and natural composition.

You’ll get various styles of bamboo bras, from sports to maternity, catering to different needs and preferences. The flexibility and durability of bamboo fabric mean these bras maintain their shape and quality over time.

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Types of Bamboo Bras

Bamboo bras come in various types to suit different needs and preferences.

Sports Bamboo Bras: Sports bamboo bras are designed for active individuals who need support and breathability during exercise. They keep you cool and dry, thanks to bamboo's moisture-wicking properties.

Everyday Bamboo Bras: Everyday bamboo bras are the go-to for daily wear, offering unmatched comfort and a smooth silhouette under clothes. They blend seamlessly with any outfit, making them a wardrobe essential.

Push-Up Bamboo Bras: Push-up bamboo bras provide a natural lift and enhanced shape, perfect for those looking for extra support. They combine the softness of bamboo with the functionality of a push-up design.

Maternity and Nursing Bamboo Bras: Maternity and nursing bamboo bras cater specifically to new mothers. They are adjustable, soft, and feature easy access for breastfeeding, all while being gentle on sensitive skin.

Wireless Bamboo Bras: Wireless bamboo bras offer supreme comfort by eliminating underwire discomfort. They still provide excellent support and are suitable for all-day wear, thanks to the flexible bamboo fabric.

Bamboo Bralettes: Bamboo bralettes are for those who prefer a relaxed and stylish fit. Lightweight and fashionable, they can be worn as outerwear and are perfect for layering under sheer or loose-fitting tops.

Features of Lobelia’s Bamboo Bra Collection

Our bamboo bras stand out for their exceptional features and benefits, making them a must-have in any wardrobe. Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo fabric, these bras offer a unique combination of comfort, style, and sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Material: Our bras are made from bamboo, a renewable resource that grows quickly and requires minimal water and no pesticides, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

By choosing our bamboo bras, you're supporting sustainable fashion practices that have a lower environmental impact.

Breathable and Moisture-Wicking: Bamboo fabric is naturally breathable and has excellent moisture-wicking properties, keeping you cool and dry throughout the day.

Soft and Gentle on Skin: The softness of bamboo fabric is unmatched, providing a gentle touch on the skin, making our bras ideal for everyday wear and for those with sensitive skin.

Hypoallergenic: Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of skin irritations and allergies, and ensuring comfort for all skin types. Our bamboo bras are healthier for your skin, reducing the chance of irritation and discomfort.

Durability: Our bamboo bras are designed to last, maintaining their shape, softness, and colour through washes and wear.

Versatile Designs: We offer a wide range of styles, from sports bras to every day, maternity, and nursing bras, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every need and occasion. The natural properties of bamboo fabric, combined with thoughtful design, ensure all-day comfort, whether you’re at work, exercising, or relaxing at home.

Adjustable Features: Many of our bras come with adjustable straps and closures, allowing for a customized and comfortable fit. Our collection is not only practical but also stylish. Each piece is designed to look great under any type of clothing, providing confidence and support.

Choose The Right Size Bamboo Bra

Our bamboo bra sizing guide is designed to help you find the perfect fit, ensuring maximum comfort and support. Understanding that a well-fitted bra is crucial to feeling good and confident, we’ve made our sizing guide user-friendly, with straightforward steps to measure yourself at home.

How to Measure

1. Band Size: Measure Under Your Bust: Use a soft measuring tape to measure around your ribcage, right under your bust. Make sure the tape is straight and snug but not too tight.

Find Your Band Size: Refer to our chart with this measurement to determine your band size. If you're between sizes, consider whether you prefer a tighter or looser fit.

2. Bust Size: Measure Around the Fullest Part: While wearing a non-padded bra, measure around the fullest part of your bust. The tape should be level but not tight.

Calculate Your Cup Size: Subtract your band size from your bust measurement. The difference in inches will determine your cup size, based on our cup size chart.

Understanding Our Sizes

Our bamboo bras come in a range of sizes to accommodate different body shapes and preferences. Our sizing chart includes band sizes from 28 to 44 and cup sizes from A to DD/E, ensuring a fit for every body type.

Tips for a Perfect Fit

Check the Fit: Your bra should feel snug on the loosest hook, allowing you to tighten it as the elastic stretches over time.

Adjust the Straps: Adjust the straps so they’re snug but comfortable. They shouldn’t dig into your shoulders or slip off.

Ensure the Right Cup Size: Your breasts should fill the cups without spilling over or leaving gaps. If you’re experiencing either, consider adjusting your cup size.

Cleaning And Maintenance of Bamboo Bra

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your bamboo bra are essential to preserving its softness, shape, and durability. Bamboo fabric, while being eco-friendly and comfortable, requires gentle care to keep it in the best condition.

Hand Washing

Prep Your Sink: Fill a basin or sink with cool or lukewarm water. Avoid hot water as it can shrink the fabric.

Use Gentle Detergent: Add a small amount of mild, eco-friendly detergent. Harsh chemicals can damage bamboo fibres.

Soak: Submerge your bamboo bra in the water, gently swishing it around to ensure the detergent is evenly distributed.

Rinse: Drain the soapy water and rinse the bra under cool running water until the water runs clear and all soap is removed.

Dry: Carefully press out excess water without wringing or twisting, which can stretch the fabric. Lay the bra flat on a clean towel to air dry.

Machine Washing

Use a Lingerie Bag: Place your bamboo bra in a mesh lingerie bag to protect it during the wash cycle.

Select Gentle Cycle: Use a gentle wash cycle with cool or lukewarm water and a mild detergent.

Avoid Fabric Softeners: Skip the fabric softener, as it can coat the bamboo fibres, reducing their natural softness and moisture-wicking properties.

Dry: Remove the bra from the lingerie bag and reshape it gently. Lay flat to air dry away from direct sunlight. Avoid using the dryer, as the heat can damage the fibres and elasticity.

Maintaining Your Bamboo Bra

Rotate Bras: Avoid wearing the same bra multiple days in a row to allow the elastic to recover and extend the bra’s life.

Store Properly: Store your bras flat in a drawer or hang them by the centre gore to keep their shape.

Avoid Bleach: Never use bleach on bamboo fabric, as it can weaken the fibres and cause yellowing.

Stain Treatment: For stains, apply a small amount of gentle detergent directly to the stain and softly rub before washing. Always test a small, inconspicuous area first.


Is bamboo fabric odor resistant?

Yes, bamboo fabric is naturally odour-resistant. This is because bamboo possesses antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, known as "Bamboo Kun," which prevent bacteria from growing. These bacteria are often the cause of unpleasant odours.

Therefore, clothing made from bamboo fabric, such as bamboo bras, tends to stay fresher and odour-free for longer periods, even after extensive wear. This makes bamboo an excellent choice for activewear and daily garments.

What are the disadvantages of bamboo fabric?

Bamboo fabric has a few disadvantages. It can be less durable than synthetic fibres, meaning it may wear out or pill faster with frequent use and washing.

The process of turning bamboo into fabric often involves harsh chemicals, which can be harmful to the environment unless organic and closed-loop methods are used.

Additionally, bamboo clothing requires gentle care, such as cold water washing and avoiding high heat, to maintain its integrity.

Is bamboo clothing good for hot weather?

Yes, bamboo clothing is excellent for hot weather. Bamboo fabric is naturally breathable and has great moisture-wicking abilities, which help to keep you cool and dry by drawing sweat away from the skin.

Its lightweight and airy nature allows for better air circulation, making it comfortable to wear during high temperatures. Additionally, bamboo offers natural UV protection, adding an extra layer of defence against the sun's rays in hot weather.