Collection: Sticky Bra

Say goodbye to visible bra lines and hello to flawless outfits, whether you're rocking a backless dress or a sleek t-shirt.

Our Sticky Bra collection features skin-friendly adhesives, breathable materials, and a variety of shapes and sizes to ensure the perfect fit for every body type.

From elegant soirées to casual day-outs, we've got your back (and front!).

Our curated Sticky Bra Collection is designed with the modern woman in mind, offering a seamless blend of comfort, style, and versatility. We use the finest materials, including skin-friendly silicone and breathable fabric, to ensure a flawless fit for all-day wear.

Our collection boasts an impressive range of sizes and shapes, catering to every body type and outfit need. Whether you’re stepping out in a backless dress, a strapless top, or a sheer blouse, we’ve got you covered with our invisible support.

The unique adhesive technology of our bras guarantees a secure fit, allowing you to move freely and confidently without a second thought.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability, with each bra presented in eco-friendly packaging. And, we stand by the quality of our products with excellent customer service to assist you with any queries or concerns.

Explore our collection today and discover the perfect sticky bra that meets your lifestyle and fashion needs!

Sticky Bra

Sticky Bras are a game-changer in women's lingerie, offering a seamless and invisible look under any outfit.

Sticky bras stick directly to the skin without the need for straps or bands. It makes them perfect for backless, strapless, and sheer attire. Their popularity stems from the freedom they provide, allowing wearers to don daring and delicate designs without worrying about visible bra lines. 

Made from materials like silicone and fabric, these bras not only offer flexibility and comfort but also come in various shapes and sizes to suit different body types and preferences.

You can style Sticky Bras with a range of garments, from elegant evening gowns to casual summer dresses, enjoying the confidence of a well-supported and contouring fit.

Let’s check the excellent types and collections of Sticky Bra offered by Lobelia.

Types of Sticky Bras Available

Our shop takes pride in offering an extensive selection of Sticky Bras, tailored to accommodate the diverse needs and styles of our customers. From different materials to unique shapes and sizes, our range ensures that there's a perfect Sticky Bra for every outfit and occasion.

Let's get into the types available:

Silicone Sticky Bras

Our Silicone Sticky Bras are designed for those who prioritize a seamless and invisible look. Mimicking the skin's texture, these bras provide a smooth silhouette under sheer or tight-fitting clothes.

Available in various nude shades, they blend effortlessly with different skin tones, offering an undetectable layer of support.

Fabric Sticky Bras

The Soft Embrace: For those seeking breathability and softness, our Fabric fabric-sticky bras are the ideal choice.

Crafted from light and airy materials, they promise comfort and versatility. Whether you're dressing for a casual day out or a formal event, our fabric options in neutral and vibrant colours allow you to add a personal touch to any ensemble.

Choosing the Right Material

When selecting a Sticky Bra, consider the occasion, the type of clothing you'll be wearing, and your skin's sensitivity.

For a versatile wardrobe, having both silicone and fabric-sticky bras can ensure you're prepared for any outfit choice. Always prioritize comfort and fit to ensure the Sticky Bra serves its purpose without causing discomfort or irritation.

Key Features of Our Sticky Bra

Our shop takes pride in offering Sticky Bras that stand out for their quality, innovation, and comfort. Here are some unique features of our Sticky Bras that highlight the excellence and thoughtfulness behind our products:

Skin-Friendly Adhesive

Our Sticky Bras are designed with a medical-grade adhesive that is gentle on the skin while ensuring a secure hold throughout the day.

This adhesive allows for repeated wear without losing its stickiness, provided the care instructions are followed. It's also hypoallergenic, minimizing the risk of irritation for sensitive skin.

Seamless Design

With a focus on invisibility, our Sticky Bras feature a seamless design that remains undetectable under even the most sheer and form-fitting garments. This ensures that you can wear your favourite outfits with confidence, without worrying about unsightly bra lines or bulges.

Enhanced Comfort

We understand the importance of comfort, which is why our Sticky Bras are crafted from lightweight and breathable materials. They conform to your body's natural contours, providing not just support but also a feeling of wearing almost nothing at all.

Versatile Styles

Our collection includes a variety of styles to cater to every outfit and occasion. From classic shapes for everyday wear to specialized designs for backless, strapless, and deep-plunge clothing, our Sticky Bras ensure you're always covered.

Plus, we offer them in multiple shades to match different skin tones for true invisibility.

Adjustable Cleavage Control

Some of our Sticky Bras come with adjustable strings or clasps at the front, allowing you to customize the level of lift and cleavage. This feature is perfect for transforming your look from day to night or for different outfit requirements.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We are committed to sustainability, which is reflected in our eco-friendly packaging. Each Sticky Bra comes in reusable packaging, encouraging customers to store their bras properly to extend their life and reduce waste.

Quality Assurance

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our Sticky Bras undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet high standards of durability and performance. We stand behind our products with a satisfaction guarantee, offering customer support and easy returns if needed.

Innovative Technology

Our ongoing commitment to innovation means we're always looking to improve and expand our product range. We incorporate the latest technologies in adhesive and fabric development to offer Sticky Bras that are not just functional but also at the forefront of lingerie technology.

Understanding Sticky Bra Sizes

Sticky Bras typically come in standard cup sizes: A, B, C, D, and sometimes larger. Each size is designed to cover and support the corresponding breast size adequately. It's important to select a size that matches your usual bra cup size for the best fit and support.

Measuring for the Right Fit

Measure Your Bust: Using a measuring tape, measure around the fullest part of your bust. For this step, you must not wear any padded bra when taking measurements. Ensure the tape is levelled around your body and not extremely tight.

Find Your Band Size: Measure under your bust where the band of your bra would sit. Adjust this number to the closest whole number. If it's even, add four inches; if it's odd, add five inches. This is your band size.

Calculate Your Cup Size: Take away your band size from your bust measurement to figure out your cup size. The difference in inches will determine your cup size (1 inch = A cup, 2 inches = B cup, etc.).

If you already know your bra size from traditional bras, you can generally select the same cup size for your Sticky Bra.

However, consider the shape and coverage you need based on your outfit. Some Sticky Bras offer more coverage or are designed for specific necklines, so adjust your choice accordingly.

Considerations for a Perfect Fit

Body Shape and Breast Type: If you have a fuller bust or wider set breasts, consider a size up for better coverage and support.

Outfit Requirements: Think about the outfit you plan to wear. For deep plunge or backless styles, ensure the Sticky Bra provides the necessary support without being visible.

Adjustability Features: Some Sticky Bras come with laces or clasps that allow for minor adjustments. These can be particularly useful for achieving the right fit and cleavage enhancement.

Care Instructions for Your Sticky Bra

Proper care is essential to maintain the effectiveness and longevity of your Sticky Bra. Following these care instructions to keep your bra in top condition.

After Each Use

Hand Wash Gently: As soon as you remove your Sticky Bra, it's important to clean it to remove body oils and residue. Use warm water and a mild soap, preferably a skin-sensitive detergent or soap that's free from moisturizers, perfumes, and alcohol, as these can degrade the adhesive.

Do Not Scrub: Gently hand wash the adhesive surface with your fingertips, avoiding abrasive materials or scrubbing motions that can damage the adhesive and the bra's surface.

Air Dry: After washing, leave your Sticky Bra to air dry naturally by placing it adhesive side up. Do not use a towel or direct heat sources like hair dryers, as these can harm the adhesive.


Protect the Adhesive: Once dry, reapply the protective film over the adhesive areas to prevent dust and lint from attaching to the surface. If the original protective film is lost, you can use plastic wrap as an alternative.

Store Properly: Keep your Sticky Bra in its original packaging or a lingerie drawer away from direct sunlight, heat, and dust. Ensure it's stored in a way that the cups maintain their shape and are not crushed.

Additional Tips

Avoid Lotions and Perfumes: Before applying your Sticky Bra, ensure your skin is dry and free from oils, lotions, and perfumes. These substances can reduce the adhesive's effectiveness.

Limit Wear Time: While Sticky Bras are designed for extended wear, it's advisable not to wear them for more than 8-12 hours at a time to allow your skin to breathe and to maintain the adhesive's integrity.

Rotate Use: If possible, rotate between Sticky Bras to allow the adhesive to fully recover and to prolong the life of each bra.


What makes a sticky bra sticky again?

A Sticky Bra becomes sticky again through proper cleaning and maintenance. Washing it gently with mild soap and water removes body oils and residue, restoring the adhesive's tackiness. 

After air drying, the bra's stickiness is rejuvenated, making it ready for another wear. It's crucial not to use harsh chemicals or heat, as these can damage the adhesive. Proper care keeps the Sticky Bra effective for multiple uses.

Is fabric or silicone stick-on bra better?

Choosing between a fabric or silicone stick-on bra depends on your needs. Fabric bras are softer, more breathable, and comfortable for everyday wear, making them ideal for hot weather or sensitive skin.

Silicone bras offer a smoother, more invisible look under sheer or tight clothing, providing better support and shaping for special occasions. Both have their advantages, so the best choice varies with your outfit and comfort preference.

Do sticky bras last all day?

Yes, sticky bras are designed to last all day when applied correctly on clean, dry skin, free from lotions or oils. Their medical-grade adhesive ensures they stay in place, providing support and coverage.

However, extreme heat or sweating can affect their stickiness over time. Proper care and application can maximize their effectiveness, allowing you to wear them comfortably and confidently from morning until evening.